September 2016

Pentland Logistics (PLL) were contracted to arrange on a “door to door” basis, the movement of an “Out of Gauge” (OOG) aircraft training fuselage from the UK to the USA.

Due to a number of construction problems the shipping date was delayed several times, therefore when the project was completed we had to react quickly to help our client meet their delivery deadline.

PLL staff oversaw the loading of the fuselage onto the low loader at the shipper’s premises making sure all was in order for its journey to the port.

We subsequently witnessed the loading and securing of the cargo onto the FR container by the stevedores to satisfy our customer that no damage occurred during the loading process. Below deck stowage was also arranged on the vessel to prevent damage to the fragile structure during transit.

Due to the tight time schedule PLL arranged with the shipping line for our US hauliers to be given priority loading when the vessel arrived in Port Everglades, Florida. Our customer had also sent a team of engineers to meet the fuselage on arrival and accompany to the final destination in Orlando.

Much to our customers delight, the consignment arrived safely, without any damage and within the contract delivery schedule!