December 2017 – Dakar Challenge

For our latest charity event, Pentland Logistics and many other companies are supporting my mad son Adam and his equally mad friend Teddy (A & T) in taking part in the 2017 Banjul Challenge in “Squirtle” a 1992 Saxon Fire Engine!!

Along with participants from all over Europe in their own chosen vehicles, they will meet at the start line in southern Spain on 30th December 2017, where the challenge commences.

From there the route will take them south through Morocco, The Sahara and Mauretania before entering Senegal and the final destination of Banjul, The Gambia.

In previous years, vehicles have been auctioned in a public sale to locals in Banjul and the monies raised divided up and shared with local charities and good causes.

This year, A & T had the wonderful idea that they could donate “Squirtle” to the Gambian national Fire Department, where it would be placed in service providing fire, rescue and outreach resources to both the local town and the more remote villages!

In addition, with the huge storage capacity of the engine, they are busy collecting generous offers of Clothes, Blankets, Educational Aids, Toys (footballs, frisbee’s and cricket equipment) all to be donated to outreach posts, orphanages and villages in the remote regions of The Gambia.

We know that they will be delighted to receive further donations and sponsorship, so if you are interested in helping please contact them at:- or